Here at the start of a new year we are excited to welcome you all, some for the first time and others as new. I am grateful to our Heavenly Father to have the privilege to work with your children this year. All of us, the staff, teachers and assistants are looking forward to guide your child/children to progress and growth throughout the year.    
Opening and Closing times:
We would like to remind all parents that the school starts at 06h45 in the morning and closes at 17h30 in the afternoon. Any parent that collects their child after closing time will receive a fine of R50 for every five minutes after  17h30. The fine must still be payed even if you called in to let us know that you will be late because our personnel has to work overtime. (See the specific clause regarding time in the contract.)
Please mark your child’s clothes, shoes, socks etc. We won’t be held responsible for any unmarked clothes that get lost. Children must please wear old and comfortable clothes as they are very active during the day and will become dirty when playing outside. Please spray your child with sun block in the morning before coming to school.
Birthdays are special. You are welcome to make arrangements with your child’s teacher if you want to have a party in the class. Discuss with the teacher. Please consult with your child’s teacher about appropriate food.
Parents’ involvement:
Please make an appointment to discuss any problem or uncertainty regarding your child. Please don’t disturb any classes during school hours. Disturbance wastes valuable teaching times and could have a negative effect on the children. Please contact the school if you want to contact a teacher as they switch their cell phones off during working hours.

Safety of children and parents:
The safety of our children is of utmost importance and our highest priority. Written permission must be provided if any person other than the parent comes to collect your child. Please be extremely careful when you drop your child off or when you collect your child. Please make sure that it is safe around you before getting out or into your vehicle. Please lock your car. If you notice any suspicious activity outside the school, please stay in your vehicle until another person arrives in order to not be alone. 
The gate must always be closed, whether another parent is nearby or not. Do NOT open the gate for some one else!!!
Policy regarding medicine:
  • By law, no medicine may be administered at a workplace or school because of drug-related risks, we will only be allowed to hand out medication under special circumstances: 
  • We shall only accept prescribed medicine together with a copy of the doctor’s prescription or the name of the doctor on the pharmacist’s label. No editing with a pen or any other means will be acceptable.
  • Medicine must be marked clearly and must be written in the medicine book by the parent.  Please refer to our health policy. 
  • NO MEDICINE MAY BE PLACED IN YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL BAG!! It is a very serious offence.
Accountants – Egnessi Consult.
  • Our accountants, Egnessi Consult will be handling our monthly accounts and has asked the following:
  • Parents that prefer to pre-pay their fees for the year will qualify for a 5% discount. If you want to make use of this opportunity please email Egnessi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Deposits must be paid by all children and is refundable when your child leaves the school and a calendar month notice was given. The deposits of the grade 00 children (Purple Class) that will be going to the “big“ school will be subtracted from their December fee with only the outstanding balance payable.
  • If you cannot pay the full deposit, please make arrangements with Karien to pay it over a 2-5 month period. 
  • The deposit will be invested and all the interest will be utilised for the benefit of the children.  
  • A fine of R20 per day will be added to late fee payments. 

Please take note of Meander Nursery School banking details:
  • FNB
  • Account no. 6262 416 4068
  • Branch – Olympus
  • Branch code – 250 655